Friday, March 26, 2010



Its been a real LONG time since i posted something.

So here's something i consider BIG...

An Obsession with No Qualms

It took us almost 3 days to just get a small bathroom transform into what you see in front of you. It also took a wide array of shots in order to get to the one you see here. The toughest parts were improvising for the lighting and applying the paper to almost every part of the walls. The Room Courtesy Hemanth (its his personal bathroom!) , and Concept Courtesy Hemanth. The little red Fridge you see Courtesy Sidd. The gramophone Disc and the old Telephone Courtesy Mojo (a.k.a. - Manoj Kumar). Also invaluable help was provided by Sagar, Mojo and Likith on the SET! Last but not the least, I have to Thank CHICKEN a.k.a Karthik Ramesh who spent an hell amount of time trying to getting the right look for the shoot ( he had that beard on for almost 3 weeks) and for having the patience to sit through the entire shoot! (Thank you guys. Really appreciate it!!). Making of the shoot coming out soon. Keep watching this space. Let me know what you think!

P.S. - Shot with basic stage lights. Compensated for the real lighting using these bulbs and lamps.

Thanks Guys!

Enjoy the post!


  1. wohaa!!! thts so kool!!! had been waiting real long to see this pic.. its awesome!!!

  2. looks fresh !(some thing new i, am seeing)

  3. Its really amazing bro. Amazing photography...

  4. wow! never knew photography would be so deep and difficult (complicated), . .
    very nice photograph! and a very good concept too.