Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grand-DAD's Macbook PRO!

Beauty comes with AGE

Here's another shot which i did recently. This was my Grandfather's old Typewriter. I liked the B/W shot. Used light brushing technique for this.

Used Nikon D80.
Top- F11 / 30 sec
Bottom- F16/ 48.5sec

The Old Gramophone

Used Nikon D80.
Top- F16 / 72.8 sec
Bottom- F16/ 75.5sec

A reflection of our lives....

One morsel. Many mouths. A plight of our nation.

Used Nikon D80
A little Photoshop editing for the Notes shot.

Top - F11\ 10sec. (Light brushing)
Bottom - F18 \ 1/50sec (Flash)


Clouded so far as eyes front go. Still not blind

This was shot at a beautiful place called Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu, India. The place is also called the Princess of the hills in India

Nikon D80
F4.6 \ 1/80 sec.


''I won't give up''

This was the result of a shoot which went all wrong. had got this glass after a lot of search to do a product shoot of wine glasses. The Stage was all set, The props, Lighting, Camera. just as i was about to shoot.....BAM!! My friend bumped into the base support my mistake and it was all on the floor!. In pieces...
I had to SHOOT day. I didn't want it all to go waste. With a little change in the theme....... the result was this . I wouldn't give up.....

This picture won the 1st place in Manipal - DNA newspaper' s Photography Competition under the Theme "FAITH"

Used Nikon D80
Exposure - F16 \ 1/125 sec.


I Huff and Puff and blow myself down

Too much smoke can leave you broke

Here's an attempt to enlighten and save a few lives.....Shot an year ago.

Top - F 5.6 \ 1/15 sec
Bottom - F 4.2 \ 1/20sec


An undying habit in old age (Top)
Judging by the cover..(Bottom)

These were a couple of shots which i did last year. The theme i those was something to do with Old age. I thought of relating it to old people who usually spend their retired life having a cup of tea with a newspaper spending time playing crossword. Just enjoying life their way...

Used nikon D80
Top - F8\ 20 sec
Bottom - F10\ 1 sec

A Beginning....

Light is the entity giving us sight. Sight gave us visions for art. Art is rendition of inner self. Which brings me to Photonoic, a place where my pictures and paintings can speak thousands of words.
People say pictures are only for seeing, but I believe you can hear and feel from them too. A picture may be worth thousands of words but some express themselves in only one. How you choose that one is up to you. Photonoic is a galleria for my passion. Observe, contemplate and be gratified with the notion of color in silence.

I feel Criticism is something which can help an artist grow.So Feel free to Criticize.

Contact me through mail for any queries regarding my pictures or artworks.

Thank you Karthik Ramesh for helping me set this blog up!