Monday, August 16, 2010

Independence Day Celebrated in my City! An INSULT


63 yrs, 1.2 Billion in Freedom, not even ONE to lend a hand

*To all my fellow INDIANS...I took a photo of only such depiction, and the Flag was never Deliberately placed in a disrespectful position. The point of this Photo being only to raise awareness of the ignorance, we as a Free nation, possess. The Tricolor Has all the due respect and was promptly given the hoisting it deserved after the singular shot captured here*



  1. wow, great pic vishal, i love your description, "63yrs, 1.2 billion in freedom, not even one to lend a hand", great shot!

  2. Many people across the globe feel the same way about the state of "democracy" in their countries. Here in Mexico the political keeps getting worse and worse with the majority in greater disconnect in life and attitude from the usual rhetoric trumpeted by the government.

    My home, the United States, is becoming a bastion of fascist who feel threatened by the growing number of "minorities" in a land that was supposed to be the home for those seeking freedom, liberty, and the chance to partake of the "American Dream", which frankly, has become a nightmare.